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Connect Companions

School shadowing services in private and public school settings.

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Service Description

Connect Therapies is proud to provide school shadowing services in private and public school settings. We provide school shadowing services for all students from Preschool through High School and our team of highly trained and dedicated ABA therapists will attend school with your child to help them succeed in their natural environment. At Connect Therapies, we believe in the importance of independence and that children should learn in the least restrictive environment possible. Our therapists integrate themselves into the classroom and utilize a least to most intrusive approach when working on teaching new skills. We work closely with classroom staff, as well as peers, to make sure our clients do not feel singled out for having a therapist shadow them in the classroom. We personalize our teaching plans and utilize an array of interventions to increase academic skills, social skills, and communication skills. Supervision occurs weekly or bi-weekly to ensure that progress is being made across goals.

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